About Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake stands out as a secret paradise waiting to be experienced and enjoyed. Not only it is an idyllic retreat providing first hand experience of unspoiled green beauty, it is also the perfect place for you. Unwind, sit back and relish the intimate trivialities of life. It is a place in South India, where tranquility and impeccable service are rightly yours to savor. In today’s world. When you plan a holiday one usually looks at relaxing, enjoying and just at taking a break from life’s never ending chores, ordering something exciting adventures and awe-inspiring, and when Mountain lake provides you both set of experiences coupled with the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction you need not look further.

With nature culture and heritage and very core of existence Mountain Lake provides you mind blowing holiday were you can be one with yourself and family with nature serenity. For mind and body and more importantly for soul.This is the key element the Resort intends to provide. So this is your chance to immerse yourself Mountain Lake facility to explore Kerala’s untouched beauty and grandeur to escape in to a new world of excitement and fantasy. Mountain Lake welcome you to deep dive into indulgent pampering customer service excellence and unobstructed panoramic beauty at Poomala,which is a lovely village with unpolluted water and air switch-off your mobile phones and listen for the holy silence which you can experience at this homestay,which will be remembered by you throughout your life.